Average Price for AWS Regions

Currently the cheapest region in AWS is US West (Oregon) / us-west-2 with average per hour price is $0.236 comparing to 1.2x more expensive South America (São Paulo) / sa-east-1 . Below, you can find a chart showing the average price in USD per hour for the most common instances in each region. The calculation is based on c5.large, c6.large, m5.large, r5.large, and t3.small instances. Other instance types are excluded as they are not offered in all regions. The chart displays the average prices across various regions. However, certain instances may be less expensive in regions other than the cheapest one. To find the cheapest region, visit the main page . The "Best Price Region" is indicated in the corresponding column.

The latest update occurred on June 10, 2024 at 12:25 AM UTC

Here is the map with all AWS regions https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regions_az/

Region Name
Average price of Instances per hour (USD)
USUS East (Virginia)us-east-10.23604
USUS East (Ohio)us-east-20.23604
USUS West (Oregon)us-west-20.23604
Asia PacificAsia Pacific (Mumbai)ap-south-10.24101
CanadaCanada West (Calgary)ca-west-10.24129
EuropeEurope (Ireland)eu-west-10.24233
CanadaCanada (Central)ca-central-10.24526
EuropeEurope (London)eu-west-20.24701
IsraelIsrael (Tel Aviv)il-central-10.24787
EuropeEurope (Paris)eu-west-30.24944
Asia PacificAsia Pacific (Hyderabad)ap-south-20.24982
USUS West (N. California)us-west-10.2514
Asia PacificAsia Pacific (Singapore)ap-southeast-10.25148
EuropeEurope (Frankfurt)eu-central-10.25293
Asia PacificAsia Pacific (Seoul)ap-northeast-20.25376
Asia PacificAsia Pacific (Melbourne)ap-southeast-40.2542
EuropeEurope (Milan)eu-south-10.25427
EuropeEurope (Stockholm)eu-north-10.25792
Asia PacificAsia Pacific (Sydney)ap-southeast-20.25849
Asia PacificAsia Pacific (Tokyo)ap-northeast-10.25889
EuropeEurope (Spain)eu-south-20.26058
AfricaAfrica (Cape Town)af-south-10.26864
Asia PacificAsia Pacific (Jakarta)ap-southeast-30.26901
USGovCloud (US-West)us-gov-west-10.2701
Middle EastMiddle East (UAE)me-central-10.27148
USGovCloud (US-East)us-gov-east-10.27274
Asia PacificAsia Pacific (Osaka)ap-northeast-30.27306
Middle EastMiddle East (Bahrain)me-south-10.27427
EuropeEurope (Zurich)eu-central-20.27837
Asia PacificAsia Pacific (Hong Kong)ap-east-10.28344
South AmericaSouth America (São Paulo)sa-east-10.28908