GCP m2-ultramem2x-96 - 96 vCPUs, 1.3 TB RAM, 5.9 TB PMEM. Available in 2 regions starting from $8014.56 per month. A -100% cheaper alternative is available.
Instance Typem2-ultramem2x-96
DetailsHigh-performance web servers, scientific modeling, batch processing, distributed analytics, HPC, machine/deep learning inference, ad serving, scalable multiplayer gaming, and video encoding.

mMemory optimized
2 – Generation
ultramem2x – 13-14x RAM/CPU ratio
96 – Number of CPUs
Instance FamilyMemory optimized
Description96 vCPUs, 1.3 TB RAM, 5.9 TB PMEM
Memory1250 GiB
CPU Architecturex86_64
ProcessorIntel Cascade Lake
Shared CPUno
Sustained Discounts (SUDs)yes
25%-50% Usage Sustained Discount0.8
50%-75% Usage Sustained Discount0.6
75%-100% Usage Sustained Discount0.4
Sole Tenancyyes
Nested Virtualizationno
Custom Shapesno
Confidential Computeno
Maximum Persistent Disks128
Maximum Persistent Disks Size524288 GB
Disk Interface TypeSCSI
Local SSDno
Extreme Persistent Disksyes
Hyperdisk Extremeyes
Hyperdisk Throughputno
Network InterfacesgVNIC, VirtIO-Net

Regional Availability

North America
California / us-west2
Iowa / us-central1
Nevada / us-west4
Ohio / us-east5
Ontario / northamerica-northeast2
Oregon / us-west1
Québec / northamerica-northeast1
South Carolina / us-east1
Texas / us-south1
Utah / us-west3
Virginia / us-east4
Belgium / europe-west1
England / europe-west2
Finland / europe-north1
France / europe-west9
Germany / europe-west10
Germany / europe-west3
Italy / europe-west12
Italy / europe-west8
Netherlands / europe-west4
Poland / europe-central2
Spain / europe-southwest1
Switzerland / europe-west6
Australia / australia-southeast1
Australia / australia-southeast2
Hong Kong / asia-east2
India / asia-south1
India / asia-south2
Indonesia / asia-southeast2
Japan / asia-northeast1
Japan / asia-northeast2
Singapore / asia-southeast1
South Korea / asia-northeast3
Taiwan / asia-east1
Middle East
Israel / me-west1
Qatar / me-central1
Saudi Arabia / me-central2
South Africa / africa-south1
South America
Brazil / southamerica-east1
Chile / southamerica-west1

Regional Prices

Region Name
Savings Options
Instance Price
North AmericaIowaus-central1compare10.9789
South AmericaChilesouthamerica-west1compare15.6998
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Similar Alternative Instances

Instance Type
Memory (GiB)
Instance Price
Price Diff %
n4-highmem-64Iowa (us-central1)64512n/a-100%
n4-highmem-80Iowa (us-central1)80640n/a-100%
n4-standard-80Iowa (us-central1)80320n/a-100%
m2-ultramemx-96Iowa (us-central1)966007.2329-34%
m2-ultramem2x-96Iowa (us-central1)96125010.97890%