Data updated at: July 19, 2024 at 1:06 AM UTC

Azure Virtual Machine: EC2es_v5 / EC2es v5 with 2 vCPUs and 16 GiB of memory. Available in 4 regions starting from $91.98 per month.
DetailsStandard is recommended tier
E – Optimised for in-memory hyper-threaded applications
C – Confidential
2 – The number of vCPUs
s – Premium Storage capable
v5 – version
CPU Architecturex64
Memory (GiB)16
Hyper-V GenerationsV2
Max Network Interfaces2
RDMA Enabledno
Accelerated Netno
OS Disk Size1023 GiB
Res Disk Size0 GiB
Max Disks4
Support Premium Diskyes
Combined IOPS9000
Uncached Disk IOPS3750
Combined Write119 MiB/Sec
Combined Read119 MiB/Sec

Regional Prices

Region Name
Region ID
Linux Price
Windows Price
East US 2eastus20.12600.2180
North Europenortheurope0.14100.2330
Central UScentralus0.14200.2340
West Europewesteurope0.15200.2440
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