Data updated at: July 10, 2024 at 1:05 AM UTC

Azure Virtual Machine: ND96is_MI300X_v5 / ND96is MI300X_v5 with 96 vCPUs and 1900 GiB of memory. Available in 3 regions starting from $86,140.00 per month.
DetailsStandard is recommended tier
N – GPU enabled
D – Training and inference scenarios for deep learning
96 – The number of vCPUs
MI300X – Accelerator Type
i – Isolated size
s – Premium Storage capable
v5 – version
CPU Architecturex64
Memory (GiB)1900
Hyper-V GenerationsV2
Max Network Interfaces8
RDMA Enabledno
Accelerated Netyes
OS Disk Size1023 GiB
Res Disk Size0 GiB
Max Disks16
Support Premium Diskyes
Combined IOPS0
Uncached Disk IOPS80000

Regional Prices

Region Name
Region ID
Linux Price
Windows Price
Canada Centralcanadacentral118.0000122.4160
West Central USwestcentralus118.0000122.4160
Sweden Centralswedencentral127.8400132.2560
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